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working with elm wood

(You can dent a board with a fingernail.) Yet elm's beautiful wood grain also has fine furniture possibilities. If you have access to a wood divider, splitting elm is not that difficult, but don’t try to cut the crotch. White ranges from creamy white to darker brown (the darker heartwood can be easily confused with red). It was harvested in late spring, so the back shows after debarking the early grain / fibres as a wonderful landscape like a field with a lot of humps and dumps. This article is from Issue 73 of Woodcraft Magazine. Because of the interlocking grain, it is recommended to use power tools to work it to avoid tear out (when wood fibers tear away when cut across the grain). American and red elm species rank half as hard as sugar maple, and rock elm nearly as hard. Color is important, but be mindful of the grain. The wood comes with an excellent grain pattern and coloring. Ripping, however, poses no problem. From contributor E: At first glance, I thought the panel might be elm because of the little zig-zag lines between the early wood rings, but when you look at the marks on the right style, those little worm looking trails are caused by a beetle in the bark which allows the … The open pore structure also makes it a good candidate for pickling. You'll find elm growing in river bottoms and on low, fertile hills mixed with other species of hardwoods. The bark of slippery elm is the same color, but lacks pattern. As far as I have always been told, elm is a beautiful wood, too bad it won’t stay flat. These days, elm is best reserved for smaller projects, primarily due to its poor dimensional stability. Years later, players in the new game of baseball chewed this same elm bark to produce a sticky saliva, which when rubbed into the pocket of their glove, made balls easier to catch. It nails, screws, and glues well, and can be sanded and stained to a good finish. Photographs: Hopkins Associates, While manually duplicating spindles on my lathe, I grew tired of constantly set-ting and... read more, The hard-as-nails hardwood with beauty a burl deep. I used a lot of elm many years ago when it was plentiful in the stores. Hard and tough, elm still bends easily when steamed, and when dry, holds its shape. It isn’t your best choice, but it works. The wood is very tough and has … Knowing what sets them apart can help you select the best stock from the stack. Black gum is another wood … As with oak, ash, and other ring-porous woods, pigment stain will accentuate the large pores of the early wood, so if you want more consistent coloring, use dye instead. Elm wood glues well and holds nails and screws without issue. And I can usually get a better deal on elm at the lumber mill. A century ago, Dutch Elm Disease (DED) decimated millions of elm trees, many of which adorned American city streets. Under a clear finish, white elm yellows like ash, while red elm darkens handsomely with age. The wood is dense, produces decent heat, and is generally not wrong to use. In early America, Iroquois Indians tempered fever with a medicine derived from the inner bark of the slippery elm. Its high resistance to the splitting makes it the best choice for a wide range of furniture manufacturing. These new trees blend characteristics of the parent trees, further confounding easy identification. White elm is easier to handle with power tools, but keep edges sharp and take light passes. “To date, Elm Wood Center has had one resident and four employees test positive for COVID-19,” Feifer said in a statement. All Rights Reserved. It has the contrast of oak and ash, but has a secondary "ghost" grain similar to what hackberry has. At least that’s what my dad told me and he made his living working with wood for over 60 years. This striking hardwood is affordable and easy to work. Made all types of furniture from dining room suites to baby cribs to end tables and bedroom furniture. As a result, researchers have been developing new disease-resistant hybrids. Dull cutting tools tend to produce fuzzy surfaces. This unusual affinity made it a natural choice for barrels, ship keels, and even below-ground water pipes. And the wood sands easily to a natural low luster. All topcoat finishes work well on both species. Its twisted, interlocking grain makes elm difficult to work with anything but power tools. The encouraging news is that these fast-growing trees are enjoying a comeback. It is prone to some movement, but if you let it acclimate before dimensioning it helps alot. Elm wood is easy to sand for a nice finish. The wood was commonly used to build wagon wheels and chair seats. per cubic foot dry. WoodSense: White and Red elm. But it's my favorite wood for flooring. Elm claims about 20 species in the temperate regions of the world.

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